Our price policy briefly; to present the freshest fish in the most economical way to our consumers.

At the beginning of the reasons affecting the price determination of seafood; weather conditions, the amount of fish caught, in other words the amount of supply to the market, freshness, caliber, that is, size or weight, and the demand amount of the consumers.

Since the calibration and supply can be determined in advance in cultured fish, it is much easier to determine the price compared to marine fish.

Price changes do not happen at very short intervals. For marine fish, prices are usually determined daily for the reasons we have listed above. You can see the price of the fish you bought the day before, the more expensive or cheaper the day after.

One of the biggest mistakes that consumers make when researching the prices of the products they want to buy is that they cannot compare the product they want to buy with an equivalent product with the same features. Generally, this error causes the consumer to not be able to establish a correct relationship between the product and its benefit and misleads consumers about the price of the product.

Our goal is; is to offer you all the sea products in the healthiest, hygienic, fresh and most affordable prices.

*** All prices you see on our website are our retail sales prices including VAT.

*** For wholesale sales, please contact our sales representative.