Nowadays, with the increase in the share of technology and digitalization in our lives, there has been a change in people’s eating habits and shopping habits as well as many habits. We have adapted very quickly to all the innovations that we did not even imagine before, and we continue to do so. Naturally, people want to live a pleasant life by caring more about the importance of their time and health in all this rapid change. They hope to live a healthier and longer life, especially by eating natural and fresh products. With all these justified reasons, we set out to offer you the freshest, healthiest and hygienic seafood products. We have created the KAPIDA BALIK (FISH TO YOUR DOOR) brand in order to bring the freshest seafood to your table, ready for you to use your time in the most efficient way and to cook the freshest seafood the way you want on a daily basis, considering your health. For you to enjoy fresh fish from the sea to the pan.

Our Mission

To create added value by offering healthy, fresh, hygienic and most economical seafood products to all people living in our country and coming as guests, primarily in Bodrum, where we live.

Our Vision

Our aim is to be one of the most trusted brands in the sector by adapting to the changing and developing technology without losing the excitement of the first day of our company’s establishment, aiming to open up to the regional, national and the whole world, starting from the local