Sea bream (Medium) 300 – 600gr.

22.49 / VAT included

1 of them is 300 Gr – 600 Gr. is the price per kg.


***1 of them is 300 Gr – 600 Gr. is the price per kg.

Sea bream, which is known to be quite delicious, is often consumed daily with its white meat. It is known that the fish, whose hunting tradition dates back to the Romans, was dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love at that time. Fish, which has been on the tables of the Anatolian people for centuries, can be cooked with hundreds of different recipes. It has a wide range of recipes from wrapped in vine leaves to using sea bream in stuffed fish. Sea bream; in the oven, on the barbecue; It can be cooked in a pan or on a grill.

It gives vitality to the body with its high nutritional value. It strengthens the immune system. Thanks to iron and calcium-type minerals, it is useful for bones, teeth and joints. It supports muscle development as it is a source of protein. Thanks to its low carbohydrate rate, it is beneficial for the digestive system. It regulates the heart rhythm. Cholesterol is low. It is good for iron deficiency with its blood-forming feature. With its quality oil content, it does not clog the vessels. It is a food that diabetic patients can consume. Thanks to vitamin A, it helps to protect eye and skin health. It meets the needs of the body with phosphorus. It is rich in omega 3, which lowers blood pressure, heals joint inflammation, is good for depression and asthma diseases. It helps to lose weight thanks to the saturated fat.

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