Cuttle Fish (Subye)- Uncleaned /KG

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In the morning, to start a beautiful day, in the evening to have a quiet sleep, you can consume ink. It is also a truly immediate digestive system stabilizer. It solves diarrhea and constipation problems within a few hours. It gives refreshment on hot summer days.

How to Cook Ink Fish?

The cuttlefish, which is a delicious fish, can be cooked in many ways. Let’s say it’s not cooked in a short time. This delicious fish cutlet can be prepared in pan, grill and pot.

To fry, you should first boil the meat in a pressure cooker. Afterwards, you can dip the fish with water in cornmeal or white flour and fry it.

If you want to consume the fish boiled in the pressure cooker in a lighter way, you can mix it with a little lemon and natural olive oil and consume it in the form of a salad.

For those who want to make a dish with a little sauce, we will recommend the stew method. You can cook the cuttlefish, which you will fry with a little olive oil, with onions, tomato paste and various spices.


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